Course changes

Most changes before the registration deadline can be done through Quest. Classes can be dropped via Quest until week 10 of the term.  If you wish to add a course after week 3 of the term, you must complete a Course Drop/Add form and submit it to your department and the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies for approval.

Dropping a course for credit

The Associate Dean, Graduate Studies will typically not approve a request to drop a course after week 10 of the term.


  • In cases of illness, you can request a course change if you can provide a Verification of illness form OR a doctor’s note detailing both the date and length of illness and the degree of incapacitation. Depending on the nature of the illness you may be required to follow up with AccessAbility Services for further review. Students in this situation should review the EGSO policy on academic accommodations and petitions.
  • Non-illness related rationale for a course change will only be approved if the you can demonstrate you have experienced exceptional circumstances. These circumstances need to be determined by your department Associate Chair, Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies as exceptional to warrant this approval. If you think you have an exceptional case, please write a letter detailing your special circumstances and submit it to your departmental coordinator for review with your Course Drop/Add form.

Adding a credit course

If you need to add a credit course after week 3 of the term you will need to complete the Course Drop/Add form and provide rationale for why you did not enrol before the deadline and demonstrate that you have been participating in the course since the beginning of term.  The request will need to be approved by the instructor, your supervisor(s), Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, and the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. 

You should enrol in any half-term (0.25 credit) courses held in the second half of term at the beginning of the term and well before the course registration deadline.

Changing a credit course to an extra or audit course

For extras: only requests demonstrating the need to use a course in a future program will typically be approved by the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. All requests must be submitted on a Course Drop/Add form prior to the course registration deadline

For audits: only requests which include proof you intended to take the course as an audit from the beginning of term will typically be approved by the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. The course instructor must clearly outline the terms of the audit. All requests must be submitted on a Course Drop/Add form prior to the course registration deadline