Academic integrity

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to the principles of academic integrity outlined by the university Senate, and places specific responsibilities on students, faculty members and the faculty body as a whole.

There are a number of resources related to the implementation of Policy 71 listed in the guidelines.

Avoidance of academic offences

Take five minutes to watch this presentation which clarifies the expectations of the Faculty of Engineering and explains why academic integrity is so important to your studies and your career.

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Students are expected to know what constitutes academic integrity, to avoid committing academic offences, and to take responsibility for their actions. Students who are unsure whether an action constitutes an offence, or who need help in learning how to avoid offences (e.g., plagiarism, cheating) or about "rules" for group work/collaboration should seek guidance from the course professor, T.A., academic advisor, or the Undergraduate Associate Dean.

Informal process

For the first offence, students accused of "assignment-related" offences, it may be possible for an informal resolution. In this case the student will receive an informal resolution letter from the Associate Dean summarizing the case and penalty. Should the offence/penalty in the informal resolution not match faculty norms, the case will be re-opened as a formal case.

Formal process

In the formal process the student will receive an allegation letter and is invited to provide a response to the allegations. After receiving the response (or no response) a finding of not guilty or guilty will be determined and the student will receive an implementation letter describing the findings and detailing any associated penalty.


Guidelines for Policy 71 from the student's perspective with a focus on suggestions for the response letter content.

Course Responsibilities information also includes students needing special help.

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To book an appointment with the Associate Dean Undergraduate, please contact or (519) 888-4567 ext 44761.