The Grebel community extends beyond graduation day. We’re here to support you and offer opportunities to stay connected with and give back to Grebel - now and in the future. Join your Grebel peers at our annual reunions, alumni gatherings, and Grebel events. Stay up-to-date through our alumni magazine, Grebel Now. We want to hear from you and celebrate your accomplishments in the world! 

Reunions and Events 

Christmas 2020 was like no other.  The Communication team created a virtual Grebel Community Christmas show with stories, music, memories, and a glimpse of Grebel life today. Alumni will enjoy a slide show with photos of Christmas banquets, talent shows and winter scenes.  Grab some hot chocolate and enjoy this heartwarming program.  

Annual Alumni Reunions are open to all Conrad Grebel Alumni. A different era is highlighted each year. This means that we make a special invitation to those who lived, or studied at Grebel during these years. You may have graduated 1, 2 or even 10 years after these dates, but if they are the significant ones for you, then we want you to return to Grebel and reconnect with your old friends.

The Alumni Committee also plans a variety of events each year in various locations. These have included Toronto Raptors and Ottawa Senators games, and Doon Heritage Village candlelight tours.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our Grad Class Send Off for 2020.

Alumni Spotlight

John Neufeld is presented with the distinguished alumni award
Award Honours Alumnus Serving Community’s Deepest Needs


Development at Grebel

The annual fund at Grebel comprises about 8% of our budget and our target this year is $345,000. Please visit our development webpage or email Fred W. Martin for more information.

Alumni committee

Nancy Dykstra '84, chair

Nancy Regehr '68, Larry Cornies '75, Steve (Berg) Martin '88, Gideon Prins '01, Brenda (Shantz) Prins '02, Michael Shum '11

Alumni eat together during a reunion

Support Grebel

You can support Grebel with a credit card gift through our donation page. Choose from the Grebel Annual Fund, The Fill the Table Campaign, Student Scholarships, and other specific destinations for your gift.

People Updates

Email Grebel with what's new in your life! Include a photo and your announcements regarding births, deaths, retirements, marriages, new jobs, graduations, moving info or anything else you want to share in Grebel Now.

Grebel Now

The College's magazine is produced twice a year. In it you will find articles on alumni, faculty, current students as well as feature articles and information on programs and events at the college. You can receive Grebel Now whether you are an Alumni or not; it's free. If you are not receiving Grebel Now, and would like to, contact Alison Enns.

Grebel Now

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