Here is a sample schedule of a typical week at Ontario Mennonite Music Camp (OMMC) to give you an idea of all the fun we have and what makes some of the days untypical!


Theme day

Cafeteria highlights


Special event


Olympic day!

This is the day in which all campers have the chance to show their great athletic abilities as they participate in events requiring finely tuned skills.

Feed your face with Jello!

Water balloon, rhythmic gymnastics, and more.

Piano concert by Charmaine Martin.


Renaissance day!

This day shall henceforth and forsooth commence with the opening of doors and general politeness of all and sundry amongst the young campers.

Each shall take unto themselves a partner.  During the entirety of the meal, each partner shall take great pains to feed each other.  Should any pair not find themselves entering into the spirit of the event, they shall be tied together at the hands for the remainder of the meal.

Candle dipping (there is no electricity in the Renaissance and we need to see our music!).

Concert with Michael Purves Smith, demonstrating some of the instruments of the Renaissance period.


Christmas day!

Sing a Christmas carol for your supper.

Decorating Christmas cookies.



“Normal” day!

Monk’s meal. You have taken a vow of silence. One sound and your utensils disappear for lack of observing your vows.

Prisoner’s base.

Blyth theatre production, “When the Reaper Calls.”


Backwards day!

Eat your dessert first.

Backwards relay race.

A morning concert.


Beach day!

Picnic at the beach.

Sand sculpture competitions.