Grebel Groundbreaking

Many people have made Grebel's kitchen and dining room expansion dream a reality! Thank you to the many donors who have supported the Fill the Table Campaign so far! Learn more about the project on the Fill the Table website.

Donor list as of April 23, 2019

Major Donors

Aden and Joanne Bauman    
Bauman Family Foundation    
Lester Bechtel    
Benevity, Inc.    
Dale and Cheryl Brubacher-Cressman 1987, 1986
Donny Cheung and Marika Pauls Laucht 2001, 2007
Vernon and Viola Erb    
Morgan Grainger 2009
Jacob and Katherine Hildebrand    
Brenda and Len Jewitt 1976
Jim & Lorna Blair Charitable Foundation    
J. Randy and Judy Koop 1979
Victor and Rita Krueger    
Wilmer Martin 1980
Merlyn and Stuart Martin 1990
MerSynergy Charitable Foundation    
Mary A. Schiedel    
Clare and Catherine Schlegel    
Glen and Elsie Shantz    
Ross and Erma Shantz    
Byron Shantz    
Marian and Paul Snyder    
Susan and Ed Taves 1984, 1984
Robert and Anita Tiessen 1974, 1981
The Regional Municipality of Waterloo    
3 Anonymous Donors    


Abraham and Jennifer Drost 1984
Gloria and Duane Eby 1973, 1973
John R. Good    
Ronald and Ingrid Kielstra 1986, 1986
David and Susan Seyler    
Sheila Shantz LoBrutto 1989
Marcus and Lisa Shantz 1995, 1996
Estate of Harvey Snyder, Joanne and Reg Snyder 1988
Curwin and Jill Weber Friesen 1993, 1992
Dennis and Laurie Wiebe 1980
1 Anonymous Donor    

Table +

Howard and Myrna Burkholder    
Estate of Gladys Cressman    
Kerry and Aldena Gerber 1984
Sue and Victor Klassen    
James and Goldine Pankratz    
James Tiessen and Karen Thiessen 1987
Florence Schlegel    
Estate of Harold Widrick


60's Grebel Gals        
    Rita Boldt 1967
    Lydia and Barry Church 1968
    Vicki and Karl Dick 1966, 1965
    Marianne and Edward Enns 1967
    Karen and Peter Enns 1967
    Esther Etchells 1967
    Nancy and Ernie Regehr 1968
    Carol Roth 1967
    Miriam and Chris Thomson 1967, 1965
    Janet K. and Ted Wilson 1967
Balzer Peters Family        
    Geraldine Balzer and Gordon Peters 1983
    Kerstin Balzer-Peters 2017
    Alina and Dan Balzerson 2012
Laverne and Ella Brubacher        
Brubaker-Zehr Family        
    Mary and Scott Brubaker-Zehr 1985, 1985
    Benjamin Brubaker-Zehr 2015
    Emily Brubaker-Zehr 2016
    Micah Brubaker-Zehr 2018
Wendy Cressman Zehr and Don Zehr 1989
Jenny-Lee and Jeff Dippel 2004, 2004
John and Esther Fast        
Aden and Sheryl Frey    
Ted and Karen Giesbrecht 1976
Janzen Family        
    Erin Janzen 2007
    Kathryn and Edward Janzen 1972
    Michael Janzen    
Richard Kennel        
Kitchen Staff        
    Susan and Marcus Bauman    
    Annette Farwell    
    Ljiljana Ilic    
    Loretta Martin    
    Janet Martin    
    Cheri Otterbein    
    Radmila Vujosevic    
Brent Klassen and Val Steinmann        
Rob and Lorraine Klassen Family        
    Rob and Lorraine Klassen 1987
    Nicholas Klassen 2017
    Ben Klassen    
Labour Day Group        
    Paul Fast and Marnie Gerster 1995, 1996
    Muriel Hoover    
    Harvey and Arlene Kehl    
    Roger and Heather Kehl 1992, 1991
    Brent and Sue Martin    
    Harold Martin    
    Margaret Weber    
    Carolyn Weber O'Krafka 1991
Lebold Family        
    Anthony and Connie Bender 1978
    Clare and Marie Jantzi    
    Cindy Lebold and Scott Beech 1987, 1988
    Eileen Lebold    
Gary and Brenda Leis 1974
Fred W. Martin and Wanda Wagler Martin 1987, 1987
Menno & Mary Ann Martin Family        
    Jonathan and Laura-Jane Brubacher 2016
    Paul and Marilyn Brubacher
    Harvey and Arlene Kehl    
    Roger and Heather Kehl 1992, 1991
    Angie Koch 1999
    Jamie and Rose Koch 2006, 2006
    Lloyd and Erla Koch 1971
    Lynette Martin    
    Sara Martin 1997
    Travis Martin 2005
    James and Shirley Martin    
    Jill and Tim Pletsch 2000, 1998
Tim and Barb McCabe 1968
Debbie and Cam Shapansky 1989, 1989
Don & Gayle Neufeld and Family        
    Donald and Gayle Neufeld 1987, 1987
    Aaron Neufeld and Alyson Baergen 2015
    Adrian and Kristi Neufeld 2018
    Adam Neufeld    
John W. Neufeld Family        
    Christine and Timothy Derksen    
    John W. and Frieda Neufeld    
PACS Faculty        
    Marlene Epp and Paul Born 1987
    Jennifer Ball 1993
    Lowell and Jeanette Ewert    
    Nathan Funk and Meena Sharify-Funk    
    Reina Neufeldt and Naren Kumarakulasingam    
Paetkau Family        
    Richard and Shari Janzen 2003, 2003
    Becky and Greg Oulahen 2007, 2006
    Henry and Leonora Paetkau 1977, 1995
Carol and Eugene Penner 1987
Penner Family Table        
    Paul Penner and Dolores Harms Penner 1983, 1984
Mark Peters 2010
Andrew Roth and Jennifer Helmuth 1994, 1994
Roth/Deziel Family        
    Carl Roth and Sonya Deziel 1985
    Cedrik Roth    
    Clayton Roth    
    Sidney Roth    
Sawatsky Family Table        
    Lorna Sawatsky 1989
    Tanya Sawatsky 1992
    Lisa Sawatsky 1995
    Katherine Sawatsky and Matthew Walker 2002
Shakey Acres        
    Linda Hochstetler 1987
    Kristine Culp and Bruce Steinman 1986
    Diane Lichti and Bruce Bechtel    
    Mark Lichty 1984
    Fred W. Martin and Wanda Wagler-Martin 1987, 1987
    Robert Neufeld and Trish Marriott 1988
    Myron Steinman    
Rick and Ruth-Ann Shantz 1988
Stuck in the ‘90s
    Sara Cressman and David Martin 2001, 2002
    Jennifer and Scott Konkle 2000
    Phil Larprom 2001
    Juanita Laverty and Dave Sararus 1998
    Kate and Ali Taylor 2001
    Jennie and Colin Wiebe 1999, 2001
Geoffrey and Bev Suderman-Gladwell 1986
John and Arlene Toews        
Douglas and Ruth Wagner        
Mark Weber and Sheri Wideman 1994
Weber Becker Family        
    Byron and Ann Weber Becker 1990
    Luke Becker and Mary Krupicz 2013, 2012
    Joel Becker 2017
George and Elizabeth Wideman Family        
    Carol and David Ringer 1970, 1971
    Dorothy Sittler    
    Ruby and Amsey Weber    
    Kim Wideman 1993
    Delphine Wideman    
Willms Family        
    Albert Willms    
    Larry Willms and Marilyn Koval 1986
Winter-Lepp Family        
    Eric Lepp and Rebecca Nisbet 2005
    Heidi Lepp 2007
    Randy and Frieda Lepp 1977, 1979
    Art and Suzanne Winter 2005
    Victor and Marilyn Winter 1975
    Jessie Winter and Brandon Gingerich 2007, 2006
    Benjamin and Sarah Winter 2009, 2010
    Henry and Karen Winter 1988, 1987
Larry and Marianne Witzel        
Lo Wu     

Tray +

Laura Gray and Daniel Kramer
Jay and Miriam Reesor    
Wayne Carrick and Shelley Bull 1986, 1976
Mervin and Mary Ellen Good    
Ronald and Gudrun Mathies 1962, 1989
Ed and Cheryl Penner    
Barry Reesor and Lori Guenther Reesor 1992, 1991
Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Ltd.    
Sittler Grinding Inc.    
Lynn Yantzi and Nancy Steinmann Yantzi    
1 Anonymous       


Nolan and Margaret Andres 1997, 1996
Matthew Ballaban 2001, 2001
Alicia Batten and Terry Rothwell    
Lisa Bauman 2016
Jennifer Bender 1991
Paul Berg-Dick and Jane Hilliard 1973, 1971
Jeremy Bergen and Rebecca Steinmann 2002, 2000
Mimi and Sean Browne 2011
Barbara Burkholder and Steffen Pauls 1988, 1991
Timothy and Lisa Chute    
John and Irene Dyck    
Jeanne Epp    
Dorothy Erb    
Catherine Falconer 1983
Werner and Margot Fieguth 1989, 1989
James French 1993
Randy and Kaethe Funk    
Rebecca and Josh Gibbins 2003, 2004
Eleanor and Mike Groh    
Rachel Harder and Matthew Snider 2000, 1999
Laureen Harder-Gissing and Gus Gissing 1991, 1992
Archie Harms    
Paul Heidebrecht and Carmen Brubacher 1994, 1994
Kenneth Hull and Marianne Mellinger 1973
Maria Klassen    
Jane and John David Kuepfer 1992, 1993
Hugh and Lys Laurence    
Derrick Lichti 2006
Wendy Long and Rod Barlow 1979
Perry and Ilka Luyt 1983
Leanne MacKay-Bain and Jeffrey Bain    
Steve and Pat Manske    
James and Mary Markwart    
Janelle Martin 1993
Laverne Martin    
MMC Matching Gifts Program    
Cameron Morland and Karen Yeats 2003, 2003
John and Lori Neufeld 1991
Troy and Emma Osborne    
Gideon and Brenda Prins 2001, 2002
Alf Redekop    
Calvin Redekop    
Dawn and Ron Regier 1983, 1983
Karl and Jacquie Reimer 2013, 2012
E. Charles Roth and Victoria Peart 1977
Allan and Marilyn Rudy-Froese 2012
Nelson and Joy Scheifele    
George and Louise Schroeder    
Ruth and Dwight Steinman    
Ervin and Erma Steinmann    
Tom Strike and Tanya Benoit    
Derek Suderman and Rebecca Seiling 1996, 1996
Karen Sunabacka and Preston Parsons    
Harold Thiessen and Tobi Neufeldt Thiessen 1981
Quentin Toderick 2013
Mark and Natasha Vuorinen    
Cecil and Reta Wagler    
Savio Wong 1984
Mark and Glennis Yantzi 1978, 1985
Maynard and Connie Yantzi    
Joshua Zehr 2014
5 Anonymous Donors    


Carolyn and Andrew Alberti 1992
Arterra Wines Canada - MG Program    
Susan and Phil Baker    
Kim Bast    
Megan Bauman and Mike Ratcliffe 2003
Pauline and Floyd Bauman    
Ray and Katherine Bauman    
Alissa Bender 2002
Arnold and Linda Bergen    
Jason Booy 2008
Margaret and Bill Boyd    
Lois and Lewis Brubacher 1989
Doug Brubacher and Pamela Power    
Martin Buhr    
Mathieu and Sarah Cain 2007, 2007
Susan Campbell and John Lawson 1986
Karen Cheah 1988
Ingrid Cowan    
Katie Cowie Redekopp and Jake Redekopp 2011, 2011
Jonathan Cullar and Sarah Steiner 2015, 2016
Jeff and Kathy DeKoter    
Samuel DesRoches and Katherine Grierson 2015
Glenda and Terry DeVries 1986
Mark and Rachel Diller Harder 1989
Gloria and Waldemar Dirks    
Betti Erb and Greg Van Horn 1992
Pam Fehr    
Henry and Elsie Flaming    
Steve and Michelle Fluit    
James and Janice Founk 1976, 1975
Marinko and Lilyanna Franjic    
Levi and Edna Frey    
Julia Gingrich 2002
Joshua and Victoria Grohn 2012, 2013
Frances Grove    
Peter Hart    
Brenda and Scott Hayman 1988, 1989
Duane and Rebecca Heide 1994, 2001
Victor Hiebert    
Michael and Tracy Hill    
Barry Hills 1996
IBM Canada Ltd. - MG Program    
Gino Innamorato 1988
Dorothy Isaac and Greg Cressman 1986, 1987
David and Susan Johnson    
Sharon Johnson Lamont and Stuart Lamont 1978
Max and Amy Kennel 2013
Paul and Ruth Klassen    
Doris Kramer    
Elsie Kuepfer    
Megan Lennox and Gregory Wideman 1999, 1999
John Lingertat and Jennifer VanLeewen    
Bert and Martha Lobe    
Blanca Lorena and David Lainez    
Jim and Yvonne MacMillan 1985
Melinda Mah    
Catherine Manning and Garth Frazer 1991, 1992
Sylvan and Vera Martin    
Sarah Martin    
Kristen Mathies 1995
Janice Maust Hedrick and Tim Hedrick 1994
Stephen and Jeannie McDowell 1982
Audrey Musselman    
Jenny and David Myers 1985, 1983
Matt and Katie Ninomiya 2006
Mark Odinotski and Mary Daniele-Odinotski    
Russ and Rebecca Parnell 2008
Brian and Joanne Penner    
Marie Penner    
Wendy and Murray Priebe 1985
Ellery and Mark Rauwerda 2013
Fred and Shirley Redekop    
Zab and Benjamin Reimer 2018, 2014
John Rempel 1966
Edgar Rogalski and Jessie Hetherington    
Timothy Rudy and Andrea Bizzotto 1990
Mrs. Anni Saunders    
Peter and Hilde Sawatzky    
Kirk and Robyn Schmidt 2004, 2004
John and Heather Schreiner    
Jane Schultz-Janzen and Terry Janzen 1987
Donald and Mary Jane Scott    
Robert and Janice Shantz    
Tim and Leigh Silver    
Barb Smith-Morrison and Gerald Morrison 1994, 1995
Richard and Cathy Snyder    
Ray and Anna Steinmann    
Irwin and Susan Streight    
Maisie Sum and Dewa Suparta
Robert and Patricia Sutherland 1993
Alyssa and Neil Thomas 2016, 2013
Erwin and Ruth Tiessen 1969
Jennifer Toews and Scott Bauman 2006, 2007
Gerald Toogood    
Stephen Tsang 1974
Claudia and Gerald Van Decker
Reg and Tammy Wagler    
Walterfedy - MG Program    
Carol Ann Weaver and Lyle Friesen 1974, 1974
Ruby and Amsey Weber    
12 Anonymous Donors


Mariak Achuoth
Cameron Adams
Michelle Agnew
Yeabsra Agonfer
Rukia Al-Amiri
Isaac Alexander-Cook
Abigail Amstutz
Amani Amstutz
Zoe Andres
David Austin
Amelia Baker
Charlotte Baker
Braden Bakker
Upneet Bala
Lauren Banga
Caleb Barber
Jared Baribeau
Haley Bauman
Micah Beech
Katrin Bender
Abigail Berndt
Hannah Bernstein
Micah Black
Graeme Blondon
Grace Bock
Jeffrey Boersma
Peter Bondi
Ben Bonsma
Michael Born
Megan Boyd
Derek Broekhoven
Jazmin Brown
Jackson Brown
Neil Brubacher
Timothy Bruulsema
Benjamin Busca
Chelsea Campbell
Sara Camplin
Mason Carroll
James Carr-Pries
Ka Hei Chan
Matthew Chase
Emilie Chase
Stephen Cholvat
Chung Chong
Max Chute
Simon Chute
Johnathan Clarke
Steph Collings
Matthew Comeau
Andrew Coon
Emily Cross
Andrew Cullar

Students (cont.)

Olivia Cullen
Richard Cunningham
Stephen De Jager
Anna-Mae Dean
Nick Decker
Elora Deering
Calvin DeKoter
Simon DeKoter
Alexei Derksen Hiebert
Noah Desruisseaux
Andrew Dieleman
Nathan Diller Harder
Leah Drost
Caleb Dueck
Megan Dufton
Marisa Duncan
Ryan Dunham
Jack Dunne-Mucklow
Chris Dyck
Sebastian Elder
Noah Enns
Amanda Enns
Bronwyn Erb
Boshrah Fanous
Jenny Farlow
Seun Fawehinmi
Katrina Fluit
Catherine Fowler
Simon Frew
Alysha Frey
Bryn Friesen
Grace Friesen
Ian Frosst
Emily Gain
Megan Gallagher
Thomas Gao
Samuel Garcia
Joshua Garcia-Barrios
Siann Gault
Lindsey Gesch
Anna Giesbrecht
Twila Gingerich
Kendra Goertz
Katherine Goerzen Sheard
Mary Gopanchuk
Naomi Gray
Austin Grismer
Frances Grove
Eduard Haag
Laurie Haig
Abigail Hamann
Sarah Hammond
Shadi Hanna
Jonah Harms
Alana Hawton
Aaron Herschberger
Jenna Hiemstra
Hannah Hill
Christian Hills
Ian Hink
David Hiraki
Vesley Ho
Charles Holtforster
Minren Hung
Briar Hunter
Connor Huxman
Joshua Issa
Benjamin Jacobsen
Hannah James
Paisley Janzen
Alexander Jesik
Lucas Johnston
Mariah Jolin
Kimathi Kaai
Lynea Kaethler
Hannah Kaethler
Dong Hyun Kang
Rachel Kehl
Nathaniel Kim
Micah Kim
Megan Kish
Abigail Klassen
Hannah Klassen
Benjamin Klassen
Cameron Klassen
Nathan Klassen
Jonathan Klassen
Rebecca Koole
Emily Kornelsen
Lindsay Krahn
Angela Krone
Marcus Kruger
Bryce Kuepfer
Anna Kuepfer
Hanne Kuhnert
Owen Lailey
Caleb Lainez
Jonathan Lane-Smith
Serena Laverty
Luke Lawson
Cathleen Leone
Hillary Leung
Tiger Li
Leon Li
Rebekah Lindsay
Miriam Lindsay
Paul Lingertat
Oliver Lingertat
Han Liu
Abby Lobert
Abigail Loewen
William Losin
Brock Lowery
Victoria Lumax
Noah Luyt
Suomi MacCarthy
Noah Mandau
Lukas Mandau
Amelia Marfisi
Amy Markwart
Robyn Martens
Benjamin Martin
Amy Martin
Ryan Martin
Sophia Martin
Owen Matsuda
Stuart Matthews
Amy McClelland
Mark McClennan
Margaret McCloskey
Jaclyn McDougall
Olivia McGregor
Brandon McMurray
Matthew McParland
Mary McPhee
Kristin Mellema
Jeremy Metzger
Simon Metzger
Conrad Meyer-Reed
Alan Michaud
Ian Miedema
Calvin Mills and Eliza Heeney
Samantha Mills
Alexis Minniti
Peter Missiuna
Grant Mitchell
Rosalyn Mitchell
Elaina Mohr
Erik Mohr
Emily Moore
Megan Moore
Abigail Morton
Ariana Neceski
Madeleine Neufeld
Elora Neufeld
Ben Neufeld
Rebecca Neufeld
Charity Nonkes
Alexandra Nunn
Ben O'Callaghan
Sarah Odinotski
Aaron Oesch
Jacob Oja
Margaret O'Krafka
Zoe O'Neill
Alyssa Oppertshauser
Rebecca Osborne
Zara Pachiorka
Isaac Painting
Thomas Penner
Mackenzie Penner
David Peterman
Kira Peters
Connor Philbrook
Charly Phillips
Erica Pietroniro
Alexis Plante
Matthew Pollex
Jaden Postma
Brendan Power
Sneha Praveen
Levi Prinsen
Sophia Rahn
Joshua Rampersad
Keren Rashish
Krenare Recaj
Luke Reed
Mhari Reid
Amy Reimer
Gemma Ricker
Matthias Ricker
Duncan Rolston
Lily Roth
Nathan Rowe
Eren Rudy
Adrian Rudy
Ben Rudy-Froese
Abigail Rudy-Froese
Matthew Ruegg
Jeremy Rumph
Timothy Sarkar
Leah Schilstra
Daniel Schuurman
Sarah Schwartzel
Daniel Schwartzel
Benjamin Schwartzentruber
Nicole Serra
Katelyn Shantz
Ashlyn Shantz
Jonathan Shantz
Caleb Shaver
Rebecca Shelley
Aaron Silver
Reed Sinclair
Kritnoor Singh
Alexander Skipper
Andrew Skolseg
Jonathan Smith
Andrew Smith
Nicholas Song
Sarah Squire
Katrina Steckle
Michael Stere
Henry Stevens
Sage Streight
Zack Strike
Julianna Suderman
Rebekah Tadeson
Joseph Tafese
Daria Terpstra
Jonah Thiessen
Matthias Thiessen
Benjamin Thiessen
Derek Toews
Gustav Town
Piper Treadwell
Nathaniel Trimboli
Emma Tse
Elizabeth Tse
Tia Tuinstra
Tara Tuinstra
Mykayla Turner
Joycelin Van Caulart
Alanna van der Beek
Madison Van Es
Timothy Van Oosteryk Bruyn
Claire Vander Hoek
Jillian VanderVelde
Josiah Vandewetering
Brent VanRooyen
Nathan VanWyk
Michael Veenstra
Isaac Veldhuis
Leah Veldhuis
Lydia Vermeer
Justin Wagler
Cassidy Wagler
Katherine Walker
Jordan Wallace
Staci Weber
Allison Weber
Andrew Welsh
Nico Werschler
Mark Whyte
Natassja Wibisono
Eric Wiebe
Theophilus Wiederkehr
Andre Wiederkehr
Thomas Wigg
Andrew Wikkerink
Abigail Willms
Elasha Wilson
Nicholas Wilson
Lukas Winter
Esther Wonder
Victor Wong
Hannah Wong
Spencer Woollard
Lukas Wormald
Kyra Worrad
Leah Wouda
MacKenzie Wright
Austin Wright
Sarah Wright
Matthew Wright
Christine Wright
Rachael Wu
Kathryn Wu
Jane Xavier
Jasmine Yaromich
Caleb Young
Corina Zavarise
Sonia Zettle
Caitlin Zhang
Michael Zhang
Philip Zuidema
Natalka Zurakowsky