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Future Students - still time to apply for Fall 2017


Grebel is a multi-year residence with many ways to make connections!

  • Connect to other Grebelites during our all-you-can-eat, fill-a-table meals and snack times in our small, tight-knit community – only 142 in residence
  • Connect with your roommate throughout the day for support, encouragement and a break from academic engagement
  • Connect to Grebel faculty, staff and on/off-campus Grebel students through all-Grebel events
  • Connect to upper-year students from all faculties in your own residence who can help you navigate your first year
  • Connect to main campus through intramurals, music ensembles, classes and clubs
  • Connect to the broader community through services trips and local volunteer opportunities

Come see for yourself how you can connect to the Grebel residence community!


Students from all faculties can take a Grebel course in Music, Peace and Conflict Studies,Mennonite Studies, Sociology, History, and Religious Studies! Conrad Grebel is home to the University of Waterloo undergraduate departments for Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Mennonite Studies. Grebel professors are inviting and engaging, and you’ll often see them around Grebel ready to visit with students. The Milton Good Library is easily accessible from the residence hallway and is a bright place to study and research.


Back in the 1600s, small groups of people were popping up in Europe.  They challenged injustice in society by taking care of each other (and their enemies) in a spirit of love and peace.  They were inspired by the stories of Jesus and came to be known as Mennonites.  At Grebel, we model ourselves after them.  That means supporting you as you explore the purpose and meaning of life, as you learn to connect with others in healthy ways and as you practice good habits of service and care for all people and the earth.  We have discovered that this all happens best when we bring the best of who we are together from all our different walks of life regardless of our religion, ethnicity or identity of any sort.


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