What do you (a future Grebel resident!) need to know in light of COVID-19?  

Note: Grebel’s residence program requires an application and interview. We would love to get to know you. Apply today to be part of our Fall, Winter and/or Spring residence community. New and existing students may apply.

Grebel is...


In Grebel's multi-year residence you can... 

- have fun with and be supported by a network of peers (first year and upper years), staff and faculty...at Grebel we know each other by name

- live in a small residence right on campus with spacious rooms and  huge windows! Doors are open, the tables are full, and the food is delicious!

- expand your horizons through good conversation, taking on leadership roles, participating in clubs and volunteer opportunities and connecting to the Centre for Peace Advancement. Challenge your worldview with the help of others from many programs and diverse walks of life.


Students from all faculties can take courses at Grebel in:


Peace and Conflict Studies

Mennonite Studies



Religious Studies

Conrad Grebel is home to the University of Waterloo undergraduate departments for Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Mennonite Studies. Grebel professors are inviting and engaging, and you’ll often see them around Grebel ready to visit with students. The Milton Good Library is easily accessible from the residence hallway and is a bright place to study and research.



Started in 1963 by Ontario Mennonites, Conrad Grebel University College is part of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. You’ll find Mennonite students in residence and in the classrooms, but you’ll also find people from many other backgrounds. We welcome and respect students from any (or no) faith traditions.