First aid

First aid procedures

First aid stations, kits and training are mandated by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). Under Policy 34, Health, Safety and Environment, it is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that prompt first aid and health care (medical) treatment is obtained, if necessary.

First Aid Poster (PDF) should be located throughout campus including:

  • Labs and studios
  • Activity areas and workshop areas
  • Near campus phones and room exits

The poster gives you general instructions on:

  • How to render aid in various circumstances
  • What phone numbers to call for assistance

The poster also has small map showing the building specific location where emergency services personnel will normally respond. 

First aid stations with first aid kits and persons certified in first-aid are required in every department and/or building or field work locations. Additional kits are required for labs, shops, studios, satellite maintenance areas and vehicles. For assistance with determining first aid station locations contact Safety Office at ext. 33587.

University of Waterloo departments are responsible for maintaining first aid stations, kits and training according to the following table:

First aid kits

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

First aid training

Restocking and first aid kits can be purchased through Central Stores using their online requisition form

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