Common questions related to exams

For information about the first-year midterm schedule check with your instructor. The final exam schedule is posted by the Registrar's Office approximately a month into the term of interest.

I am feeling very anxious and/or stressed about my exams. How do I deal with these feelings?

How do I prepare for a final exam?

  • Reviewing past exams are a good way to prepare for upcoming exams. Past exams can be found in the exam banks of the EngSoc and MathSoc.

I am not prepared to write a final exam and I am certain to fail. What should I do?

  • You must write the exam as it represents an academic deadline for learning and applying the course content over the term. The exam measures what you know at end of the term, not what you could know given more time. Implicitly the final exams measure your study, exam writing, and time management skills.
  • If you do not write an exam you will be issued a grade of DNW ("Did not write the examination"), which is equivalent to a grade of 32 for the course.

I have two or more exams scheduled at the same time or back-to-back. What do I do?

  • All final exams are scheduled by the Registrar's Office to minimize conflicts across all faculties, so exam conflicts are rare. You must inform your engineering course instructor and the First Year Office as soon as you discover a conflict. The First Year Office and your instructor will provide an alternative exam sitting.

I have a religious observance at the same time as my exam. What should I do?

  • If you require an alternative examination or test time due to religious grounds you must consult with the First Year Office. It is important to note that the University Policies, Guidelines, and Academic Regulations states that such a request should be made within two weeks of the announcement of the test or examination date. We recommend that you contact the First Year Office at the beginning of the term to discuss your situation. 

What if I am sick before or during an exam?

I am/was not sick, but something else is preventing/has prevented me from writing my exam. What should I do?

  • There must be clear evidence of a significant circumstance that has caused, or will cause, you to not write the exam. Contact the First Year office to discuss next steps. Sleeping in, travel issues, or getting the date/time wrong are not valid reasons to miss an exam.

I missed my exam. What should I do?

  • If you will miss, or missed, a midterm or final exam, you must contact your instructor and submit a Verification of Illness form as soon as possible. The First Year Office will investigate the circumstances and determine whether an accommodation is appropriate (e.g., a deferred final exam). Please see declaring absences due to illness.

What is the consequence of missing a final exam without verification of a severe illness or significant circumstance?

  • You will usually be issued a grade of DNW ("Did not write the examination") which is equivalent to a grade of 32 for the course (see Rules, Rule 10 in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar).


Email: First Year Engineering Office

To meet with a first-year engineering academic advisor, please drop in to E2-1772 or phone 519-888-4567, ext 44761. You can also book an appointment online.