Catherine RobertsonThe University of Waterloo’s Music program at Conrad Grebel University College is known for instilling a collaborative mentality among its students. This cooperative culture is cultivated by staff and professors who encourage peer support. One of the core contributors to the Music program and its welcoming atmosphere over the past two decades has been Catherine Robertson.

At the University of Waterloo, innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities are around every corner. Yet in the Spring semester an opportunity arose to rethink how students can be involved in changemaking. What if UWaterloo could provide a space for students to apply their innovative and systems-change mindsets to a real-life, ever-changing problem: the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Spiritual Resiliency, Dementia and Caregiving during Uncertain Days: Staying grounded through hopeful stories and faithful practices.

Accompanying a person with dementia has never been easy, but perhaps at no time in history has it been more challenging than today. The media is filled with inspiring images of professional caregivers who demonstrate amazing courage and endurance, day after day, but less attention is paid to those quietly giving care at home.  These “invisible” helpers are angels as well—and they are tired, isolated, at physical risk and worried about the future.

cultural life of drones invitaitonThis exhibit is currently closed.

Drawing on local community partners involved in drone technologies and their applications, the "Cultural Life of Drones" explores how conversations about visual culture, technology, privacy, commercialization, safety, peace building and ultimately, the question of our shared humanity, can be brought into public dialogue via art.  

peace week logo 2019

Every year, on Sept. 21, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. Inspired by this initiative, the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement and Conrad Grebel University College invite you to peace events throughout Sept. 16 to 22, or to plan an event to mark the occasion your way, in your community.

New Grebel KitchenIn the fall of 2020, Conrad Grebel University College students will start the school year equipped to be more welcoming and inclusive than ever before!  On April 1, the Board of Governors approved the budget and final plans for a brand-new kitchen and an expansion of the dining room. To celebrate the start of this essential project, a Ground Breaking ceremony will be held on Tuesday, April 23 at 4:30pm on the site of the new kitchen.