Students playing a game

Hello Off-Campus Associates!

Off-Campus Associates are students in first to fifth year who live near the University of Waterloo and are connected to the supportive, fun, engaging community at Grebel.

Having this formal connection to Grebel gives you access to:

  • Grebel activities like Community Supper, reading week trips, associate events and more...
  • Grebel facilities like the Grebel gym, the games lounge, the music practice rooms, the lockers and more...
  • Grebel people like Student Services staff (:)), Student Council associate reps, residents, other associates and more... 
  • a fabulous home base on the University campus!

Sounds good?

  1. See 2019/20 Off Campus Associate information brochure or 2020/21 Off-Campus Associate information brochure  for more detailed perks and privileges
  2. Apply by:
    1. Filling in appropriate application -->
    2. Filling in optional services form -->
    3. Paying by the deadline -->

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