Program and scholarship endowments

Program endowments at Grebel to consider supporting

The college has established a series of endowment funds to help finance parts of the Grebel program that are unique to Mennonites and which do not receive adequate government funding. The monies designated for the endowments are invested and the earnings from the fund are used to support the purposes of the endowment. Your support is invited for these funds:

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J. Winfield Fretz  Endowment for Mennonite Studies

Winfield FretzJ. Winfield Fretz was the founding President of Conrad Grebel University College. He also introduced the study of Mennonites into the University curriculum and taught many large classes on the Mennonites. The college has decided that the best way to honor the very substantial and creative contribution of Dr. Fretz is to establish an endowment for Mennonite Studies ($1.5 million) to fund the study and teaching of Mennonite history, theology, and sociology. 


Peace and Conflict Studies Program Endowment

Conrad Grebel University College established the first Peace and Conflict Studies program in Canada (1977). The endowment will provide a financial base for the expanding program of teaching at the university, including the possible offering of a masters degree in conflict resolution as well as a non-credit certificate in mediation and conflict resolution which the college introduced in 1999. The goal for this endowment is $1 million. 


A.J. Shantz Master of Theological Studies Endowment

Jim hooding Andrew in the convocationThe college introduced a Master of Theological Studies program in 1987 to provide theological education at the graduate level. Graduates of the program have gone into pastoral or lay ministry and into doctoral studies. An endowment for the program was established by a generous gift of $300,000 by A.J. Shantz. The college plans to expand the initial gift to an endowment of $1 million in order to fund the basic costs of the program. 


Ralph and Eileen Lebold Endowment for Leadership Training

Ralph and Deileen LeboldIn 1997, the Conference of Mennonites in Eastern Canada asked Conrad Grebel University College to add a ministry component to the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program to train people for pastoral ministry. A current endowment of  $1.4 million honours Ralph and Eileen Lebold. Funds are used in the ministry training part of the MTS program, such as courses in pastoral education, supervised education in ministry, internships.


Rod and Lorna Sawatsky Visiting Scholar Fund

Rod and Lorna SawatskyTo honour Lorna's involvement and Rod's tenure at Grebel, the college has established the "Rodney and Lorna Sawatsky Visiting Scholar Fund." The purpose of this program is to bring a renowned scholar, practitioner or performer to the Grebel community for at least a week at a time. During this time, there will be opportunity for lectures or seminars, the Faculty Fellows Forum, or a presentation at student functions such as Chapel, Community Supper, Brown Bag Lunch, and more as well as a major public event such as a lecture, workshop, concert, seminar, or dinner. To sustain this vision, the fund requires an endowment of $250,000. The earnings from the endowment will support the activities of the Visiting Scholar.


Scholarship, bursary, and award endowments

Donations to establish new awards for students are also welcome. Donations to existing award are also encouraged.

Many scholarships, bursaries, and awards, have been made available through endowments and the generosity of various friends of the college. Students formally involved in the college's residence, associate and/or academic programs may apply for residence, academic, or general awards, scholarships and bursaries.

These brief descriptions are a guide only, please consult the designated contact person for a complete description, criteria and an application form.


It is a general designation applied to any scholarship, prize, medal, fellowship or grant of money assigned to a student. Within this designation there are further terms defined below.


A monetary award, based primarily on outstanding overall academic performance or excellence in a specific subject or group of subjects.


A monetary grant based primarily on financial need.

Naming opportunities

Many donors desire anonymity. Some donors wish to give their name or the name of a loved one to a project which will remember that person in perpetuity. All names are subject to the approval of the college's Board of Governors.

The naming opportunities include scholarships/bursaries with gifts of $25,000 or more.

Grebel Student Scholarship Fund

With the increased tuition costs of education in Ontario during the 1990's many students are finding it difficult to pursue post-secondary education, or are incurring huge debt loads. To help students with high academic achievements and students with financial needs the college has established and endowment fund to provide scholarships and bursaries to students. The initial goal for the endowment is $500,000.


If you wish more information about planned giving or projects at Conrad Grebel University College, please call or write:

Marcus Shantz, President
Conrad Grebel University College
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G6.

Fred W. Martin, Director of Development

Or talk to a Stewardship Consultant at Canadian Association of Gift Planners, or Abundance Canada.