Gibo's story


Gibo in the hallway

It’s an exciting and courageous decision to pick a school that is 4000 km away from your family and friends. When British Columbia student, Gibo, accepted his uWaterloo offer in Applied Health Sciences, he was confident that he’d find some good friends at Grebel. But it turns out that Grebel is even better than he’d imagined, filled with amazing people in a strong and welcoming community. (Plus the food is excellent too!)

Gibo was drawn to Grebel because he liked the idea of studying at a world-class university while living in a small residence that reflected his own Mennonite values. Gibo thinks that living with a mix of first-year and upper-year students from every faculty and from many different backgrounds and beliefs is a great chance to hear different views, participate in great discussions, and grow in his own faith.

Gibo has especially enjoyed being part of the Grebel intramural teams that compete across the uWaterloo campus and taking part in a Reading Week trip to Kentucky to help repair tornado-damaged homes. Gibo loves how the environment at Grebel encourages growth, learning, and challenging oneself to try new experiences – whether in student council, the many clubs, or crazy spontaneous activities – or to take on new responsibilities. He can’t wait to discover what leadership opportunities he’ll have next year in residence!

"My time at Grebel is an important time in my life. University years are more than just learning about our areas of study – it’s also a time to make lasting friendships and grow every day. Grebel is shaping my life experiences."