Jani's story


Coming from a small high school, Jani thought that the close-knit Grebel community would be the perfect place to transition into university life. With open doors, homemade meals, and welcoming people, she hasn’t been disappointed!

Living with a mix of first-year and upper-year students from every faculty on campus has broadened Jani’s horizons. She’s ventured out to an Irish dance, conquered ballroom dancing, and had a blast playing on an intramural volleyball team – all the while, making new friends.

Jani in the laundry roomOne of Jani’s favourite things about Grebel is being able to walk into anyone’s room and have wonderful conversation at any time of the day or night. With so many friends close at hand, older students to learn from, and interesting people around every corner, Jani has found a solid foundation at Grebel to build upon, to grow in her beliefs, and to stretch herself.

As Jani anticipates her next year at Grebel, she is most excited to be an Orientation Week Leader, welcoming the newest group of Grebelites into the community.

Jani thinks that the best thing you can do in life is to be open to new things. Grebel is a great place to explore new opportunities, to challenge yourself, and to meet incredible people.