Ryan's story

Ryan on a bike

Try-out new adventures, stretch your comfort zone!

When Ryan chose to make Grebel his home while studying at UWaterloo, his decision really came down to three factors: the food, the community, and the music.

Attracted by the home-cooked, all-you-can-eat meals at Grebel, Ryan has been completely impressed by the delicious and healthy options available to students each day. Students even have the option of creating a favourite food day, where you can choose the entire menu for the day – even if it’s your Grandma’s special recipe!

Living and eating with a mix of first-year and upper-year students from every faculty and from many different backgrounds and beliefs, lends itself to lively dinner conversations, which Ryan really enjoys.

"My highlight of the week is Community Supper! All of the students sit down to eat together, mixing with Grebel professors and staff. We get amazing homemade bread, a tasty meal, activity announcements, and then there’s an interesting speaker or some entertainment."

Ryan at computerWhile studying is the reason you’re at university, it’s also important to have fun! Ryan has jumped into student life at Grebel – singing in the Chapel Choir, participating in talent shows and Tuesday night worship services, and is looking forward to being on the orientation committee. Ryan appreciates living at the heart of UWaterloo’s Music program, where students live and breathe music. He’s especially eager to take part in the next all-Grebel musical. Living in a small residence that reflects his own Christian values has given Ryan a chance to grow in his faith while studying at a world-class university.

"Living at Grebel has given me a strong foundation of support through my time here at university. Grebel is a place where I can go and feel at home all through my university career, where I have made long-lasting relationships. Grebel has effected all aspects of my university life, and I’m thankful every day that I made the decision to live here."