New Testament Professor Brings a Fresh Voice to Grebel

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alicia BattenWATERLOO, ON -- Conrad Grebel University College is pleased to welcome Professor Alicia Batten as an Associate Professor of New Testament, beginning July 1st, 2013. She is currently Chair of Religious Studies at the University of Sudbury – a federated university of Laurentian University – and has significant teaching and administrative experience. 

"Alicia brings many intellectual and relational gifts to us in joining a strong Religious Studies and Theological Studies department at Grebel,” noted Conrad Grebel President, Susan Schultz Huxman. “She is a proven and highly regarded leader and mentor, she is exceedingly well published, and has amassed a sterling teaching record from a broad range of courses. She knows, understands and affirms our Mennonite identity, and has particularly affinity for peace and justice issues."

“One of the reasons why I was attracted to the position at Conrad Grebel is that it is explicit about its commitment to justice and peace,” explained Batten. “Social justice has been at the heart of my own theological development. These values have motivated much of my scholarship, teaching and service, and I welcome an environment in which I can continue to pursue them in a range of ways, such as possible teaching in the Peace and Conflict Studies and MTS programs, through working with student groups, and through involvement in university, community and church organizations.”

Local pastor and Conrad Grebel Board of Governors member, Fred Redekop is “impressed with Alicia's commitment to a biblically-based approach to peace and the Gospel. Her academic focus has been on the book of James, a book that reflects the challenge of Word and Deed for us as Mennonites. She brings a strong academic presence, but also a strong teaching record in her previous positions that I believe to be extremely important. I believe that Alicia will continue the great tradition of biblical scholarship and teaching that Grebel has been known for in its history."

During the past 15 years, Batten has taught at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Washington, and in Sudbury. She has demonstrated creativity and competence in teaching a great range of undergraduate biblical courses including surveys, book studies, thematic courses, and hermeneutics. Her books and articles have been primarily on the Letter of James, the teachings of Jesus, wealth, poverty, clothing and adornment in the early Church.

 Huxman adds, “Alicia's proven track record in community-building will make her a strong leader in strengthening ties with colleagues at the University of Waterloo and in offering a refreshing voice in the community for advancing faith and learning from an Anabaptist perspective in our churches and other settings."

“Alicia will not only serve students and our community well,” commented Jim Pankratz, Grebel’s Dean, “but, she will also be a great resource to our faculty and programs. She has significant experience in service learning. She has studied how good teaching translates into meaningful learning. She has initiated and led faculty, staff and student discussion groups on the future of the university. We are delighted to welcome her as teacher, scholar, community educator, advocate for peace and justice, and colleague.”

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