Our apologies - this event has been cancelled.

Due to low registrations and scheduling issues, we have cancelled this event. We appreciate your interest and if we pursue a new date, it will be listed on our event page.

Join alumnus Jonathan Seiling (BA '99) as he leads a tour from Port Colborne to Vineland on bike trails and side roads. This 40km tour will focus on points of historical interest - particularly Mennonite history. The tour will start around 10:00 a.m., include provisions for lunch and end at a Reception & Pool Party hosted by an alumnus from Beamsville.

Are you a Grebel alumnus living in the GTA? You're invited to this reception event, featuring a short program and a conversation with President Marcus Shantz and alumus Mark Weber, who heads the Conrad School of Business and Entrepreneurship. Watch for more details as we get closer to March.

Inviting Grebel Alumni and Friends to gather in Pennsylvania

On the first weekend in November, some Grebel students led by Centre for Peace Advancement Director Paul Heidebrecht, along with President Marcus Shantz and Director of Advancement Fred W. Martin, will be in Lancaster to attend the MEDA convention. We want to take this opportunity to gather Grebel alumni, parents, and supporters from Pennsylvania to an informal reception on:

Music, Liturgy, and the Making of Medieval Scotland

Today, Scotland’s patron saint, Andrew the Apostle, anchors Scottish national identity in an annual holiday on his feast day. But in the century leading up to the Scottish declaration of independence, the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath, Saint Andrew’s significance expanded from that of a local saint to become the central figure in the foundation of Christianized Scotland. This lecture will feature the performance of medieval liturgical music made at the Cathedral of St Andrews to celebrate Saint Andrew’s relics, showing how liturgical music shaped history.  The music will be performed by renowned counter-tenor, Daniel Cabena.

Join us for our launch of Richard Lougheed's book,Menno's Descendant in Québec, following a meeting of theMennonite Historical Society of Ontario. You are warmly welcomed to attend this meeting, starting at 1:30, or arrive in time for the launch itself at 2:00. A light reception will follow.