First aid stations with first aid kits, notice boards, and a list of trained first aiders are required in every department, building, and at field work locations. Additional first aid kits may also be located in your work area (e.g., labs, vehicles, shops). Departments are responsible for designating first aiders and managing first aid stations, kits, and training. Contact the Safety Office for assitance with first aid station and kit locations.  

First aid stations

First aid stations must contain a first aid kit, a list of trained first aiders, and a notice board. First aid stations must meet the following criteria:

  • Stations must be readily accessible (within one building story or two minutes away) and clearly marked with signage. First aid rooms are considered first aid stations.
  • Stations must be located near a campus phone.
  • Where possible, the first aid station should have a sink with running water nearby.
  • Stations must be inspected quarterly by a trained first aider.

Use the Locations of First Aid Stations and First Aiders  form to inform the Safety Office of first aid stations and first aiders in your area. 

Notice boards must contain the following: