Designated first aiders have the following duties and responsibilities at the University of Waterloo: 

  • Ensure your current first aid certificate information is posted at your department's first aid station (include your room location, phone extension, and expiry date).
  • Respond to first aid emergencies within the limits of your training.
  • Arrange medical assistance (911, Health Services ext. 84096, off campus health care) unless the injury is so minor it can be handled without professional attention.
  • Render appropriate first aid and CPR until transportation of casualty to further medical care, if necessary.
  • If the injury or illness is related to a work or study assignment, a University of Waterloo Incident Investigation Report must be filled out and sent to the Safety Office.
  • Report any first aid supplies needed to the person in charge of the first aid station.
  • If you are transferred to another department, contact the Safety Office.

First aiders in charge of first aid stations and kits are responsible for:

  • Checking the condition of first aid stations and kits regularly.
  • Inspecting first aid stations and kits quarterly.
  • Recording the inspection date on the inspection card.

Liability protection for first aiders

The Good Samaritan Act is an Act to that protects first aiders from liability in respect of voluntary emergency medical or first aid services.

This law states that when you act reasonably as a first aider under the conditions of the emergency, that you cannot be held responsible for an injury. In addition, University employees are covered under the University's liability insurance.

Crisis intervention

Following a first aid emergency incident, support is available to assist first aiders dealing with possibly distressing reactions.

To contact Crisis Intervention call:

Counseling Services ext. 32655
Health Services ext. 33544
UWaterloo Police 519-888-4911 or ext. 22222, 24 hour service


First Aid - Emergency (SO1038)

First Aid - Standard (SO1039)