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Grebel has a fantastic residence community on the campus of the University of Waterloo! Join this enthusiastic community of people who are dedicated to making Grebel an amazing place to live and grow. Meet some of Grebel's current students. Take a tour. Discover leadership opportunities at Grebel. Apply now to live in the residence.


Study with and get to know professors in a community-oriented learning environment. Grebel administers the Music and Peace and Conflict Studies departments at University of Waterloo, and offers additional undergraduate courses in Arts, History, Mennonite Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Grebel also offers two Master's level graduate programs in Theological Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

  1. Mar. 12, 2018Pursuing Peace: Stories from Home and AbroadPursuing Peace graphic with image of Bob Rae

    “I always find hope in the resilience of the Rohingya people — in their dignity in the face of incredible abuse,” remarked the Honorable Bob Rae, in a CBC interview in early March. Currently working as Canada’s Special Envoy to Myanmar, Rae has spent four months traveling to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the UN in New York. Tasked with investigating the humanitarian crisis, Rae is actively assessing efforts required to ensure the secure return of refugees to their homes, and gathering evidence of breaches of law and human rights. He reports that Canada has been “publicly associated with the peace process, with the dialogue on governance and pluralism, and with a number of other critical issues, and this engagement needs to continue.”

  2. Feb. 14, 2018Jump out of your comfort zone at Peace CampJonny Wideman speaking to Peace Camp youth

    Have you ever been in a place, space, or community where you have been encouraged to try something new? Have you been challenged to take risks and leap out of your comfort zone? Have you tasted the confidence that comes with mastering new skills?

    At summer camp, youth often have the opportunity to take these risks in the form of tackling a high ropes course, canoeing for the first time, or performing in a talent show. These experiences at summer camp are transformative and life-long confidence builders.

    At Peace Camp, jumping out of your comfort zone looks a bit different. It’s practicing a new conflict resolution strategy and learning how to advocate for an issue you’re passionate about. It’s having a dialogue with someone who has different experiences and learning that together, we can make a difference.

  3. Feb. 2, 2018Grebel Seeks Community-Minded Campus HostsCampus Hosts at Grebel

    For more than fifty years, Conrad Grebel University College at the University of Waterloo has cultivated a unique post at the College. Nestled in the heart of the Grebel residence building, alongside 142 undergraduate students sharing double rooms, lives a young married couple in a cute little apartment unit.

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  1. Mar. 20, 2018Peace and Security in Northern Nigeriapeace and security poster image
    • What impact has Boko Haram had on the prospects for agricultural development?
    • What are the other cultural and economic drivers of conflict that need to be addressed?
    • How are women and youth becoming agents of change?

    Keynote speaker Chom Bagu, the Nigeria Field Project Manager from Mennonite Economic Developme

  2. Mar. 21, 2018Noon Hour Concert: Green Earth Suite

    This concert will feature new works for saxophone and piano including  two suites by Waterloo composers Boyd McDonald and Joanne Bender. The performers will be Willem Moolenbeek, saxophone and Boyd McDonald, piano.

  3. Mar. 22, 2018Never Forget the Victims: Prosecuting Charles Taylor, President of Liberia, for War Crimes

    International criminal prosecution is seen by some as an essential tool to end impunity and reduce the extraordinary impact that war crimes and crimes against humanity have on civilians who are trapped in war.  Others criticize international prosecution as simply another form of Westerners attempting to impose their view of justice on a skeptical world while ignoring and silencing the voices of the victims and the communities from which they come. 

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