Prevention and response to sexual violence - Policy #21

Conrad Grebel University College is committed to fostering a safe and respectful environment where the impact of sexual violence is understood and individuals affected receive support. The College follows University of Waterloo’s Policy 42 Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence which, is reproduced below and may be amended from time to time, establishes the University’s commitment to the awareness and prevention of Sexual Violence and to a process for addressing complaints of Sexual Violence. The Sexual Violence Response Protocol and Procedures provide further elaboration about the University’s response and related resources available for individuals affected by sexual violence.

Any member of the Grebel community who is affected by Sexual Violence may wish to contact the Sexual Violence Response Coordinator (SVRC), who is trained to understand and support individuals affected by Sexual Violence. In addition, Conrad Grebel faculty, staff, students, volunteers, contractors or other visitors may also seek assistance through any of 1) the Director of Operations; 2) the Dean of Grebel; 3) the Director of Student Services, 4) the Chaplain, or 5) the President.

In cases where both the complainant and respondent are members of the Grebel community it is anticipated that the appropriate Grebel administrator(s) would work with the SVRC to respond to and process the complaint.

Effective: April 2018
Replaces: New
Review Date: With UW Reviews
Responsible Department: Administrative Executive
Approval Body: Board