2022: 1970-80 Era Reunion

Alumni who were at Grebel between 1976 to 1982 were invited to come back to reconnect with Grebelites from this era at Grebel on June 4, 2022.

The Alumni organizing committee included Nancy Dykstra '84, Kathleen Cleland Moyer '81 and Harold Thiessen '81, with Dean Peachy '82 and Melissa Miller '81 as hosts.

Kris Culp (BA '86) interviewed some interesting alumni from this era. You can view these videos and see what these alum have been up to in the last few decades.

Alumni heard Jim Paterson speak energetically about the work he has been commissioned to install in Grebel’s new dining room. You can read about the back story and details on our here. Jim was at Grebel to help install his creation at the end of July!

“This art piece is nothing more than sheer revelry, joy, and celebration of who we are at our best and the good things in life we share together,” explained Jim.

We are very excited to see this project take shape as it warms up our new dining room and re-creates a new ‘lower lounge’ for students to meet and simply hang out.