About the Benjamin Eby Lecture

The Benjamin Eby Lecture is an annual lecture that presents the research of a faculty member at Conrad Grebel University College. It is named after Benjamin Eby (1785-1853), an early educator and Mennonite church leader in Waterloo County.

2020 Eby Lecture: 
#MennonitesToo: Sexual Violence and Mennonite Peace Theology

The #MeToo movement has placed sexual violence in the spotlight and Mennonites are asking; “What does it mean to be people of peace when sexual abuse and assault is woven into the fabric of our own communities?”  Through a survey of church periodicals, I will show that some Mennonites have been working on this topic for almost fifty years. My lecture will outline the themes and methods of this grassroots practitioner-based theology, and it will argue that periodicals not only inform the church, they shape it too, offering good news in the face of violence.


Carol PennerThis year’s 2020 Eby Lecture will be presented by Carol Penner, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies. It is also the C. Henry Smith Lecture and it is being delivered virtually at Bluffton University and Goshen College. The C. Henry Smith Peace Lecturer is selected each year by a committee from Bluffton University and Goshen College. The lectureship financially supports research into peace traditions, and is awarded each year to a faculty member from a Mennonite College.

Bluffton University  

Goshen College

Event Details

This year's Eby Lecture will be a virtual event. The lecture will be presented via the Grebel YouTube channel, with an online discussion session to follow. 

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Registration is required for access to the post-lecture discussion. Please register in advance of the event.

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