Want to know more about living at Grebel? Take a listen to Grebel students speak about courses, meals, faith, living with upper-years, and their favourite things about Grebel! 

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JaniJani's story

Coming from a small high school, Jani thought that the close-knit Grebel community would be the perfect place to transition into university life. With open doors, homemade meals, and welcoming people, she hasn’t been disappointed!

GiboGibo's story

It’s an exciting and courageous decision to pick a school that is 4,000km away from your family and friends. When BC student, Gibo, accepted his UWaterloo offer, he was confident that he’d find some good friends at Grebel. But it turns out that Grebel is even better than he’d imagined, filled with amazing people in a strong and welcoming community. 

RyanRyan's story

When Ryan chose to make Grebel his home while studying at UWaterloo, his decision really came down to three factors: the food, the community, and the music.