'70s Era Reunion Brings Good Memories and Smiles

Thursday, June 17, 2021

A '70s reunion on Zoom seems deliberately ironic. Afterall, most of us graduated from university before personal computers were even on our radar.  Typewriters were our thing! Nonetheless, the group of Grebel alumni who gathered on June 5 had obviously kept up with the times. Screens on, muted – or not, breakout rooms and chat were all just part of the pandemic fun. The major bonus, of course, was that no travel was required so it was great to see remembered faces while also meeting some new ones.

Following greetings from Alumni Committee member Larry Cornies and President Marcus Shantz, Fred led us on a college and campus tour showing off the many exciting changes with promises of even more on the way. A retro slideshow brought both smiles and tears as we remembered fun times with those gathered, but also with departed friends such as Deb Hunsberger and Marian Quapp. Never to be forgotten. Grebel cemented some great friendships.

Grebel events always include laughter and June 5 was no exception. The good memories and welcome smiles made this Zoom worthwhile. If Fred and Alison could figure out how to deliver monster cookies through the airwaves, this format just might stick over time!

Written by Sharon Lamont (BA 1978)

'70s Era Reunion