Thursday, December 16, 2021

Grebel President Marcus Shantz“On behalf of the Grebel Board of Governors,” shared Board Chair Paul Fieguth, “I am very pleased to announce the reappointment of Marcus Shantz as President of Conrad Grebel University College, supported enthusiastically and unanimously by the Board. The reappointment committee solicited and received input from a great many people, and there was overwhelming appreciation for Marcus’ leadership. We are looking forward to his continued contributions to the broader Grebel community.”

Praised as a community builder, Marcus authentically reflects the identity and mission of the College. He is widely respected across Grebel’s various constituencies and he shows vision and respect for the role of post-secondary education within the church, and also for his role and relationships to broader university and societal sectors. Marcus was described by many as an outstanding communicator and public speaker – eloquent, intelligent, but also approachable and down to earth.

With an excellent grasp of Grebel’s finances, Marcus was commended for overseeing the successful completion of the most recent building campaign where over 1000 alumni and other donors contributed over $4.2m to expand and renovate Grebel’s kitchen and dining space. Marcus has also worked with staff to successfully broaden the College’s donor base and on other funding efforts.

“Marcus’s collaborative and collegial leadership style helped steer Grebel through some significant challenges, where he modelled resiliency, rootedness, and hope in difficult times,” added Fieguth. “The pandemic, in particular, created extraordinary conditions that Marcus met with sensibility, compassion, and determination.” Now, as the public health crisis lessens in Canada, Marcus is looking to the future. Grebel is currently in the midst of creating a new strategic plan that will set the tone for the College’s future direction.

“In the next few years, I think we have a real opportunity to connect Grebel to big issues playing out at the university and in the wider world,” said Marcus. “We're part of a university that is largely focused on advancing technology – and we confront big questions about the impact of technology on the human condition. Seen in this light, Grebel's offerings in peace, music, history, and theology have never been more relevant. I'm looking forward to finding new ways for Grebel to serve our university and community, and in finding partners who are interested in what we have to offer.”

“Every year, I see students in our residence create an authentic, humane, fun community from a diverse group of unique individuals,” added Marcus, as he reflected on his first term at Grebel. “It's rewarding to see our students forge deep friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.”

Marcus has served the College as president since October 2017 and will begin his second 5-year term in 2022. Overall, he is viewed as the right person at this time in Grebel’s history to take on the challenge of the post-pandemic recovery and to move the institution forward.

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