Chaplain (Retired 2021)

Ed JanzenCouncil Member of Waterloo Kitchener United Mennonite Church
Board of Directors of Pastors in Exile (PiE)

BA, University of Western Ontario, 1980
M.Div, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, 1983
MA, York University, 1991

Research areas:

Sociology, sociology of biblical authority

Courses taught:

SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 275 - Mennonites as a Sociological Community


Ed Janzen is an instructor of sociology in addition to his responsibilities as Chaplain of the college.  His interest in sociology arises from the conviction that any meaning and purpose in life, regardless of where and how they might be found, find their significance in living well with others.  The work of students in the sociology classroom is twofold: first, it is to learn and understand the traditions of thought which have arisen from humanity’s efforts to live together well.  Second, it is to contribute to that well-being of society because of such learning and understanding.  The privilege of education becomes the opportunity to build toward the common good of all.  Ed teaches toward these goals both in laying a foundation for understanding society in Soc 101, and, in Soc 275, by introducing students to the unique aspects of Mennonite society and the value of Mennonite social life for society at large.

Selected activities: 

  • Pastoral ministry in Alberta and Ontario, in a variety of denominational committees
  • Training in pastoral counseling
University of Waterloo

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