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Sound in the Land 2004 Book

Sound in the Land: Essays on Mennonites and Music, edited by Maureen Epp and Carol Ann Weaver (Pandora Press) is a collection of papers and poetry presented at the Sound in the Land Festival/Conference held at Conrad Grebel in May, 2004. Contributors include Mary K. Oyer,  Doreen H. Klassen,  Jonathan Dueck, Anna Janecek, Jeff Gundy and many more.

sound in the land book 2004“Music is the mysticism of Mennonites . . . our incense, our vestments, our iconography. Music is our soul. But, as with most things Mennonite, where even two or three are gathered together there is rarely agreement on what is sacred or sacrilege. The triumph of this volume of essays is that it resists the trap of exclusivity and accepts the widest embrace of possibilities.” — Eric Friesen, former host of Studio Sparks, CBC Radio 2.

Sound in the Lands 2009 Book

Sound in the Lands: Mennonite Music Across Borders, edited by Maureen Epp, Carol Ann Weaver, Doreen Helen Klassen, and Anna Janecek (Kitchener, ON: Pandora Press) is a collection of essays from leading Mennonite scholars, composers, and musicians, stemming from the 2009 Sound in the Land Festival/Conference on Mennonite Music.  Essays in this volume re-evaluate the meaning of "Mennonite music" in the context of today's global church.  Representing a broad range of disciplinary approaches and personal perspectives, the essays challenge readers to consider how Mennonite music-making is enriched by an interplay of historical circumstances, faith traditions, and cross-cultural experiences. 

Sound in the Lands 2009 Book

Sound in the Land 2014 Book

Sound in the Land: Music and the Environment

A sequel to the two previous Sound in the Land conference volumes, Sound in the Land – Music and the Environment is a collection of essays, interviews, and poetry from the 2014 conference. Reflecting the unique interdisciplinary and international orientation of that event, this publication considers a wide array of subjects, including ecomusicology, soundscape aesthetics, ethnomusicology, silence, acoustic ecology, the natural environment, music theory, theology, hymnology, and ritual practices.
Sound in the Land – Music and the Environment will be a special issue of The Conrad Grebel Review (CGR), the academic journal published by Conrad Grebel University College.  The editors of this special issue are Carol Ann Weaver, Doreen Helen Klassen, and Judith Klassen.  It will be approximately 170 pages in length.

front and backSECTION I - The Silence of Stone: Perspectives of Sound
SECTION II - Mennonite
Soundscapes from Appalachia to Africa, Mexico to Canada
SECTION III - Hearing the Natural World: Patterns, Prices, Sounds
SECTION IV - “Attending to the Sacred”: Ritual, Song, and Angel Wings

Since this book will be included in The Conrad Grebel Review (published in late August 2015), orders of one or more copies of this book are processed by the CGR circulation manager, Carol Lichti.

BOOK LAUNCH & Earth Voices Concert - Sept 16, 2015.

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Book #1.  Sound in the Land: Essays on Mennonites and Music (from Sound in the Land 2004)

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Book #2.  Sound in the Lands: Mennonite Music Across Borders (from Sound in the Lands 2009)

Contact: music@uwaterloo.ca

Book #3. Sound in the Land: Music and the Environment  (from Sound in the Lands 2014)

Contact: cgreview@uwaterloo.ca

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