We can find ourselves in new territory where much is unknown as we face challenges and difficulties in illness, in the aging process, and in dying. In the same way the grit inside an oyster transforms into a pearl, we wonder if our fear and frustration can be transformed into something just as beautiful in us.

You are invited to a time of learning, reflection, and self-care.

Elderly woman talking and laughing with a younger womanCome explore the intersections between spirituality and narrative, and between narrative and aging, focusing on both the unique developmental tasks of later life, and the challenges aging poses to our stories. In the afternoon, speaker Bill Randall will introduce the sacred art of story listening and prepare participants to provide narrative care.

  • peace and security poster imageWhat impact has Boko Haram had on the prospects for agricultural development?
  • What are the other cultural and economic drivers of conflict that need to be addressed?
  • How are women and youth becoming agents of change?

Keynote speaker Chom Bagu, the Nigeria Field Project Manager from Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA), and other experts will answer the

Listening is easy, and listening is difficult. In congregational ministry, in pastoral counselling, in worship settings, in spiritual direction, and in an individual’s walk with God, listening is an important skill that we can learn and re-learn. Join us for a one-day exploration of the skills and the spirituality of listening.