Required length of work term

  • Work terms must consist of full-time employment (35-40 hours per week) for 16 weeks (matching the length of a four-month academic term). Work terms generally start and end on the dates published in Quest, under Important Dates 
  • You are expected to work until the scheduled last day of the work term, regardless of start date
  • Work terms are measured by number of weeks, not number of hours regardless of employer or work-place environment.
  • Shorter work terms can be approved if you are unable to secure employment for the entire 16 week period (e.g., unable to secure employment by the published start date of the work term or for documented reasons beyond your control). In such cases, a minimum of 12 weeks must be worked. You may not negotiate a shorter work term commitment with your employer.
  • Contact your student advisor if you aren’t able to work the regular period of 16 weeks. Unusual employment-timing circumstances do sometimes arise; your student advisor can provide guidance as necessary.