Faculty of Mathematics welcomes AI for Science and Engineering Workshop

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

AI for Science and Engineering Workshop banner

The Faculty of Mathematics welcomes the 2022 Waterloo.AI and Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) joint workshop on “Artificial Intelligence for Science & Engineering.”

The three-day virtual workshop runs from January 18 to 20 and features several researchers affiliated with the Faculty of Mathematics.

More than 20 researchers will present papers on the various ways they are using AI to generate new insights for potential breakthroughs. The talks will range from new materials discovery at micro and nano-scale, unconventional computing and quantum computers, to applications for environment, water, biosensors and biomedical.

The Dean of Math, Mark Giesbrecht, will be giving the introductory remarks on day three of the workshop.

Along with researchers from Waterloo, many of the participants are from the University of Bordeaux, continuing a more than decade long research collaboration between the two institutions in STEM fields.

Learn more on the webpage for the AI for Science and Engineering Workshop