Small c Math Contest 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

small c contestants
Nearly 525 students participated in the 16th annual Small c Math Contest on the evening of Friday, September 23. They were spread across three large rooms in some cases choosing not to use a chair as seen in this photo.

Congratulations are in order for the following top-performing students.

1st year students: Albert Gevorgyan, Yi Kuan (Timothy) Li, Ruofan Luo and Jun Yan.

2nd year students: Sina Abbasi, Shengzhuo Jiang and Xinyu (Lily) Wang

Jun Yan earned a perfect score of 150 out of 150. This is an outstanding result.

Honourable mentions go to Senbo Fan, Chang Liu, Zhenyuan (David) Zhang and Lingxi Zhou

All of the above mentioned students earned a score greater than 140 out of 150.

The mean mark was 102 and the median was 104.

Thank you to Terry Bae, Shane Bauman, Carmen Bruni, Fiona Dunbar, Barry Ferguson, Alain Gamache, Robert Garbary, Conrad Hewitt, Angie Hildebrand, Sandy Graham, Judith Koeller, Mike Miniou, Kim Schnarr, Carolyn Sedore, and Ian VanderBurgh for their help in the preparation and administration of the contest. As you can see, this event is a big team effort!

The correct answers the contest questions are: CBCBD CEDCA CBDEE EAEDC AEADB.

J. P. Pretti