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Senior Math Faculty Ambassador

3A Computer Science, Co-op

Past co-op position:
Web Content Coordinator, AGF Management Ltd., Toronto

Oakville, ON


  • Baseball
  • Squash

Why Waterloo?

I chose Waterloo because of its renowned Computer Science and Co-op programs! I liked how University of Waterloo recognizes Math as its own faculty, and how the School of Computer Science also has its own identity within the Math faculty. I loved being able to alternate between co-op and study terms so I can apply my skills learned in the classroom. Also, I was attracted to living in a college residence in my first year. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly; such a great University atmosphere!

Advice for first-year students

First Year University comes with waves of different emotions. Given my experiences, my best pieces of advice would be: 
- Get Involved! Join clubs, participate in intramurals and sign up for other extracurriculars. It can be an awesome experience and you meet great people 
- If you feel behind in work, get help. Whether it be from professors, peers or teaching assistants. 
- Even though you're here to study, set time aside to relax, unwind and refresh

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