Steven Woods

Site Director, Google Inc.

2010 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

Steven Woods

PhD '96

Steven Woods joined Google in 2008 as the engineering site director of Google Waterloo. He is responsible for fostering a creative culture of innovation, engineering, and product delivery in Google's Waterloo site. Steven leads a range of projects for Google in Waterloo including an initiative responsible for Google's mobile applications including Gmail and the recently launched Google Mobile Buzz; a range of advertising products including "Conversion Optimizer" - a service that allows advertisers to purchase advertising on a "value-delivered" basis instead of a cost-per-click basis; and a recently created new strategic initiative in Chrome and ChromeOS: the area of a new kind of touch-based mobile computing.

Prior to Google, Steven founded several companies including NeoEdge Networks - an in-game advertising company; Kinitos - a company dedicated to enabling creation of radically inexpensive and powerful consumer services; and - an interactive voice portal service acquired by American Online/Time Warner in 2000. Steven has extensive experience in building and leading highly creative and successful teams - in consumer service invention and development, and in large-scale software engineering. Steven has received numerous engineering and academic awards and patents. He holds a PhD and a masters degree in Mathematics (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo - and an undergraduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan.