Surya Banerjee

Mathematical Economics program advisor

Surya Banerjee

You’re an advisor of the Mathematical Economics program. What makes this program special to you?

In the last few years modern economics has become more and more mathematical and scientific. Modeling human behavior is a very complicated process and sometimes require the use of very sophisticated mathematical techniques. That is why the mathematical economics program is great -- it offers traditional economics courses as well as a strong mathematical foundation to students.

What do you love about teaching?

At an undergraduate level, lots of things that students learn are very exciting and new, and it is a privilege to be a part of that exciting journey. Teaching beats working! It is very exciting to share ideas with a group of excellent students.

What would you advise prospective students?

When you’re young, and thinking about programs that you want to get into, do not decide on a program just because you think it will make you a lot of money.

It is much better to do work in a field that you’re excited about, rather than getting a degree in something you don’t like and then struggling with it.

Take a wide variety of courses and find out what you like and once you do that, you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. You spend more time at work than you do with your family, so it is essential that you enjoy what you do. 

A fun fact:

I was a part of the team that set up the American University of Nigeria (the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa,) where I helped develop the Economics and Political Science curriculum along with my colleagues. The university is flourishing now, and I cannot be more proud of the students.