Submission of a Verification of Illness Form (VIF)

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This form should only be completed by students in the Faculty of Mathematics, including Computing and Financial Management (CFM) students.
Software Engineering students should forward their Verification of Illness form (VIF) to SE Advising. Science students should follow the instructions on this page. All other students (Arts, Environment, Health) should forward their VIF to their instructor.

  • If you're unable to complete a course component due to symptoms of COVID-19 or other flu-like symptoms, please submit the "Public Health Event" self-declaration form in Quest.

  • If your incapacitation will last 48 hours or less, submit the "Short-term absence" self-declaration form in Quest. It is your reponsibility to contact instructors for courses where you will be seeking accommodations. 

  • If your illness is due to other reasons then you must submit your Verification of Illness Form (VIF) electronically through the submission form below before or within 48 hours of a test, exam or due date. Please have an electronic copy of your VIF ready to upload (take a picture or scan the VIF making sure all sections are readable). If you have questions, contact the MUO.

    • If you submit documentation indicating that you are severely incapacitated, it will be understood to mean that you are unable to complete or participate in any coursework for the duration indicated. If you do choose to complete an assessment during the period of incapacitation, it will be interpreted as a declaration of your fitness to return to studies.