Graduate Advocates

Primary Purpose

Graduate Advocates are responsible for interacting with graduate students on matters of concern that are directly related to their success in their graduate program. Normally, these are matters that the student does not feel comfortable discussing with their supervisor and/or the Graduate Officer of their home department.

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Issues students would like brought to the attention of the graduate officer/director that they feel uncomfortable discussing
  • Progress in their program (e.g. time to completion, milestones, etc.)
  • Second opinion on interactions with supervisor (advice, requests, comments supervisor has made)
  • Changing supervisors
  • Staying in their graduate program vs. accepting a job offer
  • Taking a break from their studies (health related, internships, work placements, etc.)
  • Disagreements over authorship of a paper

Graduate advocates may also be called upon to provide support to students who have been treated in violation of university policies, such as policy 33 on ethical behaviour. Additional items may also be discussed provided they fall within the scope of the advocate’s role.

What Graduate Advocates do NOT do

Graduate Advocates are there to provide support and guidance but are unable to authorize any policy changes or specific outcomes. Their role is not that of a counselor, social worker, or an academic advisor. They are there to work toward fostering a culture of academic success and well-being and to develop a community with a strong sense of belonging within the Faculty of Mathematics that supports, encourages, and empowers our students.

The following types of discussions are out of scope for the graduate advocates:


Correct Contact

Admission to graduate programs/general questions about graduate school

Graduate coordinator

Advice on course selection (unless looking for assistance on a conflict with recommendations from supervisor)


Signing/authorizations of any forms etc.

Supervisor or graduate coordinator

Exceptions to university requirements/policies

Graduate coordinator

TA Assignments

Graduate coordinator

Requesting a meeting with a Graduate Advocate

Meetings with graduate advocates are by appointment only, please email one of the advocates to request an appointment . Every effort will be made to keep appointments confidential, however in some situations where safety is a consideration we may be required to involve outside parties. Meetings with a graduate advocate may not be available immediately and should not be requested for emergency situations. Visit the campus wellness website for a list of support services

Current list of graduate advocates

Pure Math

Applied Math

Computer Science

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Computer Science

You do not have to contact a graduate advocate within your unit, you can contact anyone from the above list. Please only contact one graduate advocate at the time.