Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission allows students to take courses at another post-secondary institution. Please contact Eddie Dupont after you have closely read the requirements and procedures below and have completed your application form. 

Students in Good or Excellent standing are normally permitted to take non-math courses at other universities on a part-time basis during terms off-campus, provided that the courses are not explicitly required for their particular plan. A Letter of Permission may not be used for any Faculty of Mathematics course.

You must complete a Letter of Permission form before taking the course as the S&P Committee will not approve courses taken elsewhere for degree credit after the fact.

Grading scheme

Courses taken on a Letter of Permission will be recorded on a student's academic record as transfer credits (CR - credit granted) or transfer failures (TF - transfer failure).

  • A grade of 60% or higher will be recorded as a credit. 
  • A grade of less than 50% will be recorded as a failure.
  • Grades of 50%-59% will result in the course not being recorded on a student’s record.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that an official transcript from the host institution is sent to the University of Waterloo within two months of the completion of the course. Otherwise, a transfer failure will be automatically recorded. Any changes a student wishes to make to an authorized Letter of Permission must be approved in advance by the S&P Committee.