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Lemeng (Sophie) Feng

Fall 2014 - Exchange

Hong Kong – Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

I did my exchange in Hong Kong in Fall 2014. For me, the reason I chose Hong Kong is that working in Hong Kong is so very attractive to me. I want to experience what it is like working and living in that part of the world, to prepare myself for future possibility of moving there.

Lemeng Feng sitting along the shore

To be honest, it took time for me in the transition to Hong Kong’s culture in terms of its pace of life and living space. Actually I still can get used to it even now. However, the diversified flavors of fashion and ways of recreation got me excited for a new life.

shops in the city

My exchange school was Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  The school environment is very multi-cultural. Usually you will be assigned to international dormitory and living with exchange students - so don’t worry. Most of the professors are Hong Kong native people. It could be hard to figure out what they are saying since they have strong accent. Despite that, most of the courses are based on specific textbooks, which would be published in English. The unusual case is that sometimes the way professors present may not be easy to understand for us (native English-speaker).mountain view and city

Overall, the study load in Hong Kong is less heavy than in Waterloo. If given another chance of doing exchange, I would definitely go. Since it is always worth doing it no matter how many difficulties there will be. Just don’t be afraid!

Sophie Lemeng Feng

selling produce by boat
Sophie on an elephant

University of Waterloo

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