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Lindsey Pogue

Fall 2015 Exchange

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Mathematics, HCO – Computer Science,Honours Co-op Fall 2015 (4A)

My name is Lindsey Pogue and I spent my 4A Computer Science term in Christchurch, New Zealand studying at the University of Canterbury.
overlooking Auckland, New Zealand

Living and studying in New Zealand was the best decision I have ever made. My favorite part was being able to travel all over one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Once you’re in New Zealand, it’s easy to see coastal views, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, national forests and much more!
Milford Sound, South Island New Zealand   Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand's tallest mountain

I also had the opportunity to travel to Australia and Fiji while I was in the Southern Hemisphere. Another highlight of my exchange was getting to know other students from all over the world and learning about different cultures. Moeraki Boulders, South Island New Zealand with friends from all over the world

The first weekend I was there I went on a road trip with 5 other students and we were all from different countries! This exchange experience also gave me the opportunity to study Computer Science in a new setting, and discuss differences in curriculums with other students and professors.

I would strongly recommend New Zealand, and specifically the University of Canterbury to all students thinking about going on exchange. They had an awesome incoming international student program including a free airport pickup, orientation events, and on-campus student housing making it very easy to meet people from day one.

It became a very close-knit community and felt like home right away. Christchurch was also a great city to live in because it’s in the center of the South Island, making it easy to travel all around the island on weekends and breaks.

penguins crossing signs states slow down in New Zealand
The university also offered some great electives that were NZ-specific. In a course called Land Journeys & Ethics we went on two camping trips in the wilderness. In a course called Rebuilding Christchurch, we got to spend 4 hours each week volunteering in the city and learning about the community post-earthquakes.

bungee jumping in New Zealand 

New Zealand lambs

Overall, studying in New Zealand was an incredible experience and I would recommend it to everyone :)

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