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Handbook contents 

  1. Information for instructors
  2. Academic integrity
  3. Resources
  4. Policies and guidelines 

Information for instructors 

The Faculty of Health is one of six faculties at the University of Waterloo.

The Faculty of Health has three academic units: the Department of Kinesiology, the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, and the School of Public Health and Health Systems. Contact information for each unit can be found on the unit's website.

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Academic integrity 

UWaterloo policy requires instructors to report all academic integrity infractions to the appropriate Associate Dean. Please direct all undergraduate academic integrity related matters to: ahsugad@uwaterloo.ca. Please direct all graduate academic integrity related matters to: Brian Laird at brian.laird@uwaterloo.ca

The Faculty of Health prefers to handle academic integrity cases through formal inquiry, to:

  1. ensure that cases are handled consistently, and
  2. maintain a record in case of repeat infractions within or outside of the Faculty.

Instructors may wish to have students complete the Academic Integrity Acknowledgement Form when they submit assignments. The CTE website has more information about encouraging academic integrity online.

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Additional information about UWaterloo can be found on the gateway page for faculty and the gateway page for staff.

Support for new employees, including information on immigration, relocation and the local community, can be found on the Human Resources website. 

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Policies and guidelines

The Secretariat website provides a list of policies, procedures and guidelines that apply to all members of the UWaterloo community. Policies and procedures specific to the Faculty of Health can be found on the Faculty of Health website.

Important policies to note include:

Important guidelines to note include:

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Updated September 2019