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Second semi-final event for Concept $5K challenge features two teams linked with Faculty of Mathematics

Friday, July 16, 2021

Open-concept office space of Velocity startup incubatorThe second of two semi-final events for the Concept 5K challenge took place Thursday, July 15.

Concept 5K is a competition for startups and entrepreneurial ventures, in which teams get to showcase their new or emerging companies and products.

The University of Waterloo's startup incubator, Velocity, is behind the yearly Concept 5K events.

The first semi-final event took place July 14 and featured five teams with some affiliation to the Faculty of Mathematics. Two Faculty of Mathematics-affiliated teams participated in the second semi-final. The teams moving forward to the final for this year's event will be announced July 16.

Teams in the second semi-final event with links to the Faculty are:

  • Clove, which is providing businesses with automated environmental impact (EI) assessments and a digital label to showcase their sustainable practices to customers, filling a niche within the ever-evolving CSR and ESG field. The startup is also looking to provide a mechanism for carbon offset for companies.

  • UpCart, a startup that boosts eCommerce sales by creating a better cart page experience. The service helps merchants boost profits by engaging customers and upselling right before purchases. The UpCart software will seamlessly integrate within existing online checkout pages.