Waterloo Mathematics/Teaching

Mathematics/Teaching is a co-op program that provides more classroom experience than any other B.Ed preparation program in Canada. In addition to the academic and co-op terms taken through Waterloo, Math/Teaching students spend two terms (eight months) in the classroom before attending a Faculty of Education. A second teachable subject can be chosen from science or arts. Popular choices include physics, chemistry, biology, and music. Graduates are prepared to apply to a Faculty of Education in Ontario to complete their B.Ed to teach at the intermediate and senior divisions, grades 7 to 12.

Mathematics/Teaching may be combined with many of the departmental honours plans in the Faculty of Mathematics.


Mike Eden

Plan information

Waterloo Mathematics/Teaching Plan


  • Interested students must be enrolled in an honours Mathematics co-operative program in year one.
  • Students will be considered for admission in year two on the basis of an interview, satisfactory academic performance and good standing in co-op.
    • Ideally, students apply to the program during their 2A academic term.

Co-op students at work

During work terms, students will be given opportunities to teach classes at the intermediate and senior levels, mark assignments and tests, and assist teachers.

  • Teacher Intern/Residence Don - St. Andrew's College, Aurora, ON
  • Teacher Intern/Help Centre - Hillfield-Strathallan College, Hamilton, ON
  • Teacher Intern/Tutoring Centre - Trinity College School, Port Hope, ON

Graduates at work

  • Head of Mathematics, Cameron Heights C.I., Kitchener, ON
  • Math Teacher, TanenbaumCHAT, Vaughan, ON
  • Computer Science and Math Teacher, Milton District H. S., Milton, ON

Program and application questions

Please contact Mike Eden