To ensure that all students have equal access to calculators, a small number of calculators have been approved for use. The three approved calculators are:

  • TI 30X II (Either the 'S' (solar) or 'B' (battery) version of this model are acceptable)
  • Casio fx-300MS
  • Sharp EL 531X (EL 531XG, 531XH, and 531XT are also acceptable, as they are the same model with different power supplies)

The Texas Instruments (TI) 30X II calculator is also approved for use in the Society of Actuaries exams. Orientation kits include this calculator with a pink tie logo already on them.

If you do not attend orientation, or would like to purchase an approved calculator that has a pink tie logo, you can do so on campus at the W Store in South Campus Hall (SCH) or the Mathematics Society (MathSoc) office in Mathematics & Computing Building (MC) 3038.

Online students are also expected to use one of the calculators listed above and proctors will be checking and verifying their use. If you are unable to acquire one of these calculators in your location, email your instructor in the first couple of weeks of the term so an equivalent alternative can be identified.


  1. The faculty of Science has adopted the TI 30X II for use in their courses with their own logo (blue goggles). These calculators will also be allowed in place of the pink tie calculators.