Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through M.I.T.’s Male Math Maze

Saturday, September 24, 2022 8:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

Truth Values promotional header

Coming to the University of Waterloo this fall is the play Truth Values, by New York writer/performer (and former mathematician) Gioia De Cari. She experienced first-hand the difficulties and inequities of being a professional woman in a male-dominated field and now uses her one-woman show to provide a humorous, scathing, insightful, and ultimately uplifting look at the challenges she and many other women face in STEM fields.

Following the play, join Gioia and panellists for a discussion on Women in STEM fields, the progress that has been made, and how we can continue to push towards greater equity, diversity, and inclusion for all people. This is a free event open to the entire University of Waterloo community. All are encouraged to come see this incredible performance and engage in the conversation. 

Beyond the Bulletin Feature

Ghazal Geshnizjani, Chair of Women in Mathematics, and Gioia De Cari sat down with Brandon Sweet and Pamela Smyth to appear on their Beyond the Bulletin podcast to discuss the inspiration for Truth Values. Gioia shares more about her background and journey through academia that led to her creating this award-winning play, and how her story has resonated with Ghazal and countless other mathematicians. Check out the podcast here.

See the trailer and feedback on previous performances of Truth Values here:

Parking and Directions

Truth Values is being performed in the Theatre of the Arts, located in the Modern Languages building (ML) on Ring Road of the University of Waterloo campus. The campus address is 200 University Ave W, Waterloo ON with the ML building to the left of the main entrance. You can find a printable map that outlines how to access the Theatre of the Arts here.

There are two parking lot options for patrons of the Theatre of the Arts:

  • Lot C is a pay and display lot for visitors at a cost of $5.00 per day. Payment can be made with credit card or exact change ($1 and $2 coins). This lot is visible from University Avenue West but only accessible from Seagram Drive.
  • Lot H is a gated lot and is only available to visitors on weekends and after 3:45 p.m. on weekdays. The cost is $2 per hour to a maximum of $10. The machine will only take MasterCard or Visa. It will not accept Amex, Tim Hortons Visa or Visa Debit.

Accessible Parking can be found between the Dana Porter Library and the Modern Languages Building. The cost is $5 coin entry ($1 and $2 coins). This area can be accessed off the ring road. The driveway to the accessible parking spaces is found between the Ira G. Needles Hall building and Biology Building.

For more information on directions and parking, please visit this page.

Theatre of the Arts Accessibility

The Theatre of the Arts is committed to making every person’s visit to the Theatre of the Arts enjoyable and to making arts accessible to all. Please review the accessibility features of the Theatre of the Arts here.

Inclusive Washrooms

The University of Waterloo has a number of inclusive washrooms that are accessible across campus. Below are some of the ones closest to the Theatre of the Arts:

  • Needles Hall 1913, 2913, 3913
  • EV3 3937

You can find more information about nearby inclusive washrooms here.