Canadian high school students

Mathematics and English course equivalents

Ontario Advanced functions Calculus and vectors English
Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut Mathematics 30-1 Mathematics 31 English Language Arts 30 - 1
British Columbia and Yukon Pre-Calculus 12 Calculus 12 or AP Calculus English 12
Manitoba Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S Calculus 45A or 45S or AP Calculus English 40S
New Brunswick Pre-Calculus 120B Calculus 120 English 121 or 122
Newfoundland Advanced Mathematics 3204, 3205 or 3200 Mathematics 3207 or AP Calculus English 3201
Nova Scotia Advanced Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 Calculus 12 English 12 Academic
Prince Edward Island Mathematics 621B Mathematics 611B English 621A
Quebec (CEGEP) Calculus I (Differential) Calculus II (Integral) or Linear Algebra  2 English 603 series or 604 series
Saskatchewan Pre-Calculus 30 Calculus 30 English 30A and 30B