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Senior Math Faculty Ambassador


3A Computer Science

Mississauga, ON

UWHKSA, Waterloo Ski/Snowboard Club

Why did you choose to study at Waterloo?

Previous exposures of the school from fellow students and specifically the Computer Science program had left a very good impression on me when I was applying to universities. The atmosphere of this school has always been welcoming and open and my current program has always appeared to be challenging and interesting and as such, when receiving the offer to join this school, I accepted this over the other schools that I applied to.

Advice for first-year students

As a first-year student, it is important to make connections and explore the school. Joining clubs is a very good opportunity to meet people of similar interests and backgrounds, and thus should be a priority while the workload is not yet overly stressing the students out. More importantly however, is to get to know students of the same program and stream as studying with others is easier than studying alone. 

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