Jahanzeb Meghani


Heriot-Watt University (Exchange) Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Fall 2015 – Mathematics Honours – Actuarial Science/Finance Option (3B)

I did my 3A semester abroad in Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Initially, I was quite hesitant of leaving my friends and family and travelling on my own in a stranger country. The idea of living out of a suitcase was very unsettling. Now, ever since I came back I could only think of how fulfilling those four months have been.

Scottish highlands
The university was absolutely amazing. The best thing was that I was paired up with an alumnus who was a qualified actuarial consultant and who has been my professional mentor throughout the semester. Living in backpacker’s hostel was also a marvelous experience. It was one best way through which I made best friends from Netherlands, France, Italy and South Africa.
We still keep in touch and plan on hanging out once again after we all graduate from our respective universities. More than just studying, I also travelled and undertook some great adventures. From exploring most of the Harry Potter locations, climbing up the mountains in Scottish highlands, strolling through the streets of London, trying famous Scotch Whiskey and traditional Haggis to visiting all 38 colleges of prestigious Oxford University.  I did it all!!!
Hogwarts School of Wizardry

More than that, I also grew up personally. I became more confident, adaptable and culturally aware.  I learned about Europe in a best way possible. I can proudly say Europe is my second home after Canada.

If I could give a piece of advice to someone on studying abroad, I would say: Just do it! Do not even think twice. It’s a win-win situation whichever university you choose to study in. It is more of learning about new country and about you. Most importantly, you are going to have memories that will stay with you for the lifetime.

University of Waterloo

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