Mehul Srivastava

Senior Math Faculty Ambassador

Program: 3B, Computer Science, Business Option, Co­-op

Hometown: Dehra Dun, India

Extracurricular activities: Tutor Connect, Photography, Math Orientation

Past co-op job: Software Developer, Intuit Canada, Mississauga

Why did you choose to study at Waterloo?

The Cheriton School of Computer Science is undoubtedly one of the best CS schools around the globe. The fact that the co-­op program allows you to apply all the concepts learnt during the study term to the work term, not only enhances the understanding of the topics, but also helps you in deciding your final career choice.

Apart from academia, the UW community comprises of clubs that make life fun. There are various positions across campus for students to volunteer for, all year round. There is also a Student Success Office that provides student support for academic and personal success.

Is there anything you wish you knew before coming to University of Waterloo?

Temperature in Celsius = Temperature in Fahrenheit isn’t impossible here

What are some interesting clubs that you've been a part of in the past?

CS Club, Chess Club, Magic Club, Photography Club

Which class is your favourite so far?

CS 241: Foundations of Sequential Programs with Professor Troy Vasiga

Be the change you wish to see in the world.- Gandhi

University of Waterloo

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