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Senior Math Faculty Ambassador

2A Mathematics&Business Administration, Co-op


Extracurriculars:                    General Volunteer - Volunteer Centre

Why Waterloo?

1. The WHY-NOT spirit!

2. The co-op program and the deep impression those co-op students leave me when I searched the official webpage

3. The worldwide high ranking of its Mathematics Faculty

4. Its beautiful and clean environment and its cool and modern buildings, especially M3.

5. The ELAS program. Without it, I have no confidence that I can live in a foreign country.

6. The lovely mascot. I just wonder how can a lion be that lovely..

Advice for first-year students

1. In the first week, try your best to play and enjoy your residence life so that you can get involved into the new environment and make many friends, both of which will benefit you through your campus life.

2. Then, spare some time to read more books because first-year courses are always not quite hard to handle. Try to accumulate some extra knowledge or it would be too late for you when you face those third or fourth year courses.

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